USC 06000

Through years of experience, our corer is perfectly suited to the requirements for surface sampling of sediments from 0 to 3 m with the best materials and design know-how.
Furthermore, the carefully selected material and construction ensures a long durability.
Because of the simple handling of this product
the application is very easy.
The mobility of our corer, as well as the repair and replacement of parts, is unsurpassed.

Product features

  • Perfect sampling of sediment surfaces with the highest degree of preservation of the layers
  • Sampling in the shortest possible time
  • Simplest operation
  • High mobility
  • Cheap purchase
  • Many expansion and equipment options
  • Long durability

Scope of application

  • up to 300 m water depth (also deeper, but no guarantee)
  • Standing and flowing waters
  • For surface sampling from 0 – 3 m sediment
  • All sediments
  • From boat, ship (etc.) or from shore


For more detailed information, please refer to the data and prospect sheet.

Technical data
Optional accessories
  • Main dimensions186 mm x 107 mm x 1130 mm
  • Weight6,13 Kg
  • Range of applicationFlowing and standing waters
  • Water depthup to 300 m
  • Volume~ 1,60 Liter
  • Materials usedAluminium, non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, steel and plastic
  • Telescope tube
  • Hydraulic core catcher
  • Pipe guiding 1200 mm
  • Pipe guiding 2000 mm
  • Hammer action
  • Core cutter
  • Additional weight
  • Core holder
  • Transport box
  • Carrying frame