UHP 30450

When it comes to deep sediment sampling on large bodies of water, the UHP 30450 platform is the right choice. Due to the large displaced water volume, our hybrid platform is very stable on the water, anchored it can withstand waves up to one metre high and safe working is possible with waves up to 0.5 m high. Furthermore, the platform is convincing due to the low time required for assembly, which does not require any lifting gear. The transportability is also excellent, the platform can be disassembled and loaded onto an optional vehicle trailer. To round off the overall package, it has a roof that enables comfortable working in bad weather.

Product features

  • Large water depths
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy transport, even off-road, with optional vehicle trailer
  • Suitable for all drilling systems from UWITEC GmbH
  • Generous working surface
  • Easy handling
  • Very stable floating properties
  • Roof for comfortable working

Scope of application

  • up to 300 m water depth (also deeper, but no guarantee)
  • Flowing and standing waters


For more detailed information, please refer to the data and prospect sheet.

Technical data
Optional accessories
  • Max. Number of persons6 persons
  • Main dimensions4850 mm x 4517 mm x 6046 mm
  • Weigth1.165 Kg
  • Water depth5 – 300 m
  • Main tank dimensions3025 mm x 825 mm x 750 mm 135 Kg
  • Maximum load3.750 Kg
  • Materials usedAluminium, stainless steel, steel and plastic
  • Range of application0 – 50 m Core depth
  • Opening Sampling1040 mm x 980 mm
  • Base plate UBP 09090
  • Drilling rig UDR 06200
  • Drilling rig UDR 09200
  • Rope winch medium UHW 500-K8.0
  • Rope winch medium UHW 500-K10.0
  • Rope winch medium UHW 500-S5.0
  • Anchor winch medium UAW 500-P8.0
  • Iron anchor 22 kg UIA 90022
  • Car box trailer
  • Outboard engine
  • Various boat accessories