Water Sample Bailer

USB 50015

As we have been in the water sampling sector since the beginning of our company, over the years we have designed, manufactured and continuously developed a very simple water sampler, so that our customers can obtain perfect water samples in the shortest time with simple application. Furthermore, the well thought-out design and the careful selection of materials have ensured a long service life, so that the replacement of defective parts is also very easy. Due to its uncomplicated functionality, a folding mechanism and magnetism, our product is unrivalled. Likewise, the possibilities of use from a small pond from the shore or a large lake from a boat are very broad. Logistics and transport are also very easy to handle due to the light weight and shape.

Product features

  • Perfect sampling of water layers without mixing the layers
  • Sampling in the shortest time
  • Simplest operation
  • High mobility
  • Cheap purchase
  • Many expansion and equipment options
  • Long shelf life

Scope of application

  • up to 300 m water depth (also deeper, but no guarantee)
  • Standing and flowing waters
  • From boat, ship (etc.) or from the shore


For more detailed information, please refer to the data and prospect sheet.

Technical data
Optional accessories
  • Main dimensions658 mm x Ø80 mm x 107 mm
  • Weight1,84 Kg
  • Range of applicationFlowing and standing waters
  • Water depthup to 300 m
  • Volumen~ 1,50 Liter
  • Materials usedAluminium, stainless steel and plastic
  • Thermometer
  • Protection Guard
  • Plankton sieve
  • Lockable sampling container (open-close-open)
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